Cryospheric Deformation (joint with IACS)

IAG Co-Chair: Karen Simon (Canadian Geodetic Survey, Ottawa, Canada)

IACS Co-Chair: Matthias Willen (TU Dresden, Germany)

Vice-Chair: Carsten Ludwigsen (DTU Space, Lyngby, Denmark)


Objectives of SC 3.4 include:
  • Connecting researchers working on cryospheric deformation by
    • Organizing 1-2 international workshop(s) that will continue the very successful series organized by this sub-commission over the last several years;
    • Co-organizing sessions at meetings of the American Geophysical Union and European Geosciences Union;
    • Organizing and continuation of online seminar series;
  • Investigate the impact of reference frame differences (mainly origin) between GIA models and geodetic reference frames;
  • Stimulate and support the inter-comparison, benchmarking, and validation of 1-D and especially 3-D Earth rheological models;
  • Stimulate and encourage sharing model outputs, observational data, and distribution of open source software tools for modeling cryospheric deformation, and promote the inclusion of ice sheet-solid earth interactions in past and future ice sheet model runs;
  • Stimulate discussion and promote the application of (future) Earth Observation techniques to research questions related to cryospheric deformation.
In terms of workshops and the online seminar series, we will seek partners to enhance cross-disciplinary aspects of the workshops (e.g., PALSEA-Next, SCAR INSTANT Theme 2).

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