Earth Rotation and Geophysical Fluids

Chair: Jianli Chen (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Vice-Chair: Michael Schindelegger (University of Bonn, Germany)


The objective of the SC3.3 is to serve the scientific community by supporting research and data analysis devoted to variations in Earth rotation, gravitational field and geocenter, caused by mass redistribution within and mass exchange among the Earth’s fluid sub-systems, i.e., the atmosphere, ocean, continental hydrosphere, cryosphere, mantle, and core along with geophysical processes associated with ocean tides and the hydrological cycle. The SC complements and promotes the objectives of GGOS with its central theme "Global deformation and mass exchange processes in the Earth system" and the following areas of activities:

  • quantification of angular momentum exchange and mass transfer;
  • deformation due to mass transfer between solid Earth, atmosphere, and hydrosphere including ice.

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